My name is Pamela Adhiambo, and I’m the founder and chief caregiver at Hope for Children Kenya, which is a children’s home located in Kenya, Nairobi. I started this work in 2000 after I noticed how abandoned and orphaned children in my own neighborhood were begging for food in the streets. It was then that I felt sorry for the children, and decided to help feed them with the little food I could spare.

Currently, the home houses more than 30 children. This number comprises of abandoned, orphaned, and abused children as well as children who have temporarily assigned to the orphanage by the government. While there is no sufficient funding to cater for the children’s food, health care, and education, the children are always appreciative of the help and support we get from partners such as the community and churches.

In spite of this valued and appreciated support from our partners, we still do not get enough resources for the children. As a result, we are forced to ration the little that we get. With additional support, we intend to give the children sufficient balanced-diet food, and invest more financial and material resources in their education as well provide timely quality health care for the children. We are therefore asking the good people of this world who are out there to donate or sponsor a child in our orphanage. The sponsorship can cater for the child’s education or health-nutrition.